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Snow in Texas

I held my name
with the tip of my tongue, very tightly,
never dreaming it would run off
the minute my life became dislocated
like a loose tooth
it seized the opportunity
so I chased it- wouldn't you?

I followed it to that valley, yea,
but there were no shadows
only the living dead
snow men and women
giving off a frightful light
blue white colder than the sky
neither touching nor facing each other
in an otherwise empty field
bravely, their dark eyes putting a quiver
into my voice, I called my name
stretched my ears to listen
and heard snow speaking:

" I left that place. This place was supposed to be different. Why do I feel the
same? It's all the same. Where should I go? "

" I don't know what years, I don't remember..what happened?
Why am I drowning? "

"I loved her, I didn't know how much until she was gone. Maybe if I tell the
wind, she will hear me. "

" I'm not sad. I'm not sad. I will not cry. I am not sad. "

" I hacked him to bits. I hacked him to bits. He'll never hurt me again. "

" I was just afraid, couldn't he see that? Just once, I wanted to kiss him. I
liked it when he smiled and touched me. I loved him. Couldn't he see that? "

" I'm telling you, I called God on 911. You either get a busy signal, or nobody
answers. So don't bother."

Their voices picked scabs from newly healed wounds
and I would have become snow angel, too
if I hadn't whispered to them of
salmon colored roses
the perfect curve of an ear
the symmetry of the shells
that wash up on the beach
when I got to the green of the grass
they would feed when they melted
my name leapt into my arms
happy to be home

Beauty can be a teardrop
despair can be a soft blanket,
but not very absorbent
mornings could be clean,
or heavy and soggy,

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